Junk removal is a recommended choice when it comes to removing and disposing of your old display stands, unwanted or broken shop fittings, and cardboard. Our specially equipped vans can haul out just about anything you need, while our commercial rubbish removal services are available for all jobs, big or small. No shop fitting or fit-out is too complicated for us to remove. Whether it’s computer equipment, stock racks, counters, or entire dressing rooms, Junk Removers will work quickly and efficiently to clear your area of ​​unwanted waste, and get you back to work. Will go to what you need – serving your customers.

Junk removal takes the stress out of cleaning up your junk. Call 0554722002 or contact us here for affordable pricing. Our aim is to provide you with an affordable service without hidden costs like travel and labour. We estimate the removal of your goods and provide you with a complete quote.

“Our vehicles can easily access the narrow streets of the inner Dubai City.”

Our commercial waste removal services are available throughout UAE. Even if you’re in the middle of Dubai City, our vehicles can easily access narrow inner-city streets, leaving shoppers and city-browsers with minimal disruption.

Commercial Fit-out Removal.

Many people think that commercial waste removal is an easy task, but not only that you have to clear all the waste in your area. You must dispose of it responsibly without harming the environment. Most shop fitting materials are not biodegradable and are considered solid waste. Stainless steel and plastic fittings are particularly harmful to the ecosystem if not disposed of properly. At GC Junk Removal, we pride ourselves on our commercial waste collection as well as disposal capabilities.

With our skilled team and specialized equipment, your waste removal job will be completed in record time, giving you the luxury of either continuing with business as usual, or moving forward with your plans. I will arrive quickly.

Tyre Recycling and Removal.

If you are running an industrial business, tire recycling can also be a part of your office removal. Tires are known to be the worst landfill offenders, due to the rubber structure that refuses to break down, and now the amount of tires in landfills is becoming a major concern. As a result, many landfill sites restrict the disposal of tires.

Fortunately, tire recycling is becoming a viable option. Turning rubber scrap and waste products into asphalt, shoes and basketball courts is helping to reduce landfills and reduce the harmful effects of unwanted tires on the environment. If it can fit in our van or truck, we will remove your tires and dispose of or recycle them responsibly.

Gas Bottle Removal and Hazardous Items.

We take most items including batteries, paint, oil and gas bottles. However, we do not carry hazardous chemicals, hazardous materials or asbestos.

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