Did you know that you have more options than you think for dealing with your loved ones belongings? At GC Junk Removal, we recommend “don’t throw it away until you see us” because we work with affiliate business Treasure Chest Salvage to provide an affordable service, you know many items. Being saved and reused. We carefully clean out dead properties and homes quickly and efficiently in preparation for resale, rental or moving and we sort items into recycling, scrap, salvage and junk. Saving you time and heavy lifting.

We are house clearance and estate professionals and have been decluttering homes and sheds for over 15 years. Call us on 0554722002 to discuss what needs to be removed. Once everything is agreed upon, we move quickly to get the job done. Working with junk removal gives you peace of mind, that while we carefully remove your items, we’re setting aside valuables (and safekeeping) for the family. We remove everything requested promptly so you can prepare for the next step and we are committed to timely and efficient garbage removal.

Working with Junk Removal gives you…

  • Peace of Mind your items are carefully removed.
  • Prompt service so you can prepare for the next step.
  • Attentive work as this can be an emotional time.
  • Safety knowing that we’re doing all the heavy lifting.
  • Same day removal. The day it’s booked, it’s gone.

Our staff cares and knows that cleaning a home after a loved one has passed can be an emotional time. While we work quickly, we are also careful and compassionate to work at a pace you are ready for. Plus, your family isn’t doing any heavy lifting, we’ll be doing it instead.

Your caring and compassionate Junk Removal expert.

We’ve been doing this for years and whether it’s house cleaning, junk removal or dead property you can trust that everything is done by you and your family. Call 0554722002 or contact us here for a quote.

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